For many years, The Fitness Fury X-Perience has been providing friendly, personal attention to its members, helping them stay fit, active and healthy. We are here to help you reach all of your fitness goals. Regardless of whether you've ever set foot in a gym before, our trainers will listen to your needs and develop a customized workout for you to achieve your goals.


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Here are what our Program Participants are saying about their Fitness Fury X-Perience!

Wonderful Fitness and Stretching Classes 
Having difficulty getting up from the floor after playing with your grandchildren or searching for that dropped item that rolled under your couch?  These classes will keep you agile and energized!
Susan is such a great instructor that she has followers from several states, and we are able to take her along on vacations to far-away places — thanks to Zoom!  What could be easier and more convenient than exercising in the comfort of your own home!
These classes have brought me better health and more energy.  My bones are stronger and my cholesterol levels have improved.
It’s fun to see the familiar faces of old friends to start the day.  Susan keeps us on our toes by introducing new stretches and routines.  It’s amazing to me how a slight variation can benefit a completely different set of muscles.  Don’t worry about forgetting to breathe or squeeze!  Susan will remind us at just the precise moment!  I am so grateful for these classes!
Jane Grey

Woodbury Senior Center

I have been taking classes with Susan Krusko called "Fitness Fury" for a number of years.  I have always come away feeling full of energy and so glad I made time to do something just for me! It makes such a difference in my outlook on the day ahead and my body feels ready for a full day of activities.
Susan Krusko is a wonderful friend to her students as well as our instructor. She has such a pleasant way to teach us so we all work at our own capacity without any pressure.  It makes us want to do well and in the end is a rewarding way to start the day. 

Rosemary Paul

Woodbury Senior Center

Fitness Fury has been my primary source of exercise for about 8 years.
I started Zumba classes with Naida (Cookie) several times a week.  I have taken Salsa with Cookie. She is creative, inclusive, and interested in getting healthy and having fun. Each student is important to her.  Cookie's choreography is so much fun.  
I also take Susan's exercise class.  My husband has dementia and Susan encourages our participation in her class as a couple.  Susan is kind   and inclusive.  She consistently  changes her exercises.  My husband is very responsive to Susan's directions and the class of weights, balls, and stretching have significantly helped him.  Susan sees the significance of socialization through exercise to help in combating dementia. 
All the classes enhance mind, body and spirit.
Clear your mind
Strengthen you body
Release your spirit.
Eileen Clarke

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