Naida Rodriguez Rosado


NETA Certified, PT and Group Instructor with over 20yrs in fitness training, physiology, nutrition, Emotional and Spritual counseling. Also licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba-Gold, & Zumba-Toning


Susan Krusko

Recruitment & SENIOR Programs Director/Instructor

Is NETA certified as a Group X Instructor.  Susan is also licensed to teach

Silver Sneakers, Classic and Circuit, Yoga and Pound Certified

Justin Lawrence

Youth Dept programs and development Director


Specializes in Personal Training ISSA, Senior Services, Balance & Strength Conditioning, HIIT, Tabata, & Boot Camp

Ilia Galarza


 Specializes in Basic Zumba also does some strength and toning.

Wendy Marie


Cardio Dance Fitness Intern.


Jordon Adorno "AKA Godzilla"

Lead Youth Trainer 

Most people call me Godzilla.  One thing is certain, after getting to know me, you're going to make sure that every step you take in life is a GIANT step.  So lets have fun and DESTROY  the odds stacked against us!

Damien Josephson

Youth Trainer

My name is Damien Josephson, a senior at Kennedy Highschool. For me, fitness is not only about exercise, is also about having fun while working your body. My passion for fitness stems from my family, and playing sports with my friends. For me playing sports is a great way to maintain a good physical state, by keeping your mind working, and enjoying fun times with friends.

Brendan Anthony Dobb

Youth Trainer 

For a long time, I was always the weakest kid on my sports team, and I always had a hard time eating and staying healthy. I want to help myself, as well as my family and others, be more healthy for the sake of our future wellbeing.  Not only do I wish to take this time to learn more and be of use to others on their journey, I want to be an  example of what a healthy lifestyle can do for all people, children and adults!


Sensi Bond

Independent Contractor 

The classes will be held Monday & Wednesday  evenings 6-8pm starting
Sensei Troy Bond Sr. 10th degree Black Belt Grand Master

in Hamzy's Ketsu-ka style.
For more info or to reserve your space in our class call


Zaida Martinez

Founder/Owner of Heal Self

 This is Zaida Martinez,  founder and owner of "HealSelf"
Zaida's operating hours will be Monday through Friday 3pm to 8pm depending on appointments scheduled Sat and Sundays 7am to 5pm.
What we offer is:
Reiki, Meditations, Sound healing, Shamanic healing, Medical Intuitive, Natural and organic hair products, Natural Fermented Honey, Natural Shampoos and Soaps






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