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Naida Rodriguez-Rosado


People often ask me "where do you get my energy from..."

I respond... 1st from Life, it's God's most precious gift to all... from Love... without it, there is no "Life"... my

Damia Rosado-Gary


I guess you can call me the watchman of FFXP because  I make sure that all runs smoothly and effectively. I am also a professional hairdresser and CEO of Work of ...


Wilson Rosado


4th Dan Martial Arts Master-Tang Soo Do – Korean Karate with over 35 years experience in the arts

Passionate about Family, the Lord (of course) music, and LIFE!
Motto: Live a good life.....

Migdalia Estrada

Social Media Manager

I'm a human services professional who believes in helping people reach their ideal mental and physical health so they can be the best version of themselves....

Susan Krusko

Recruitment & Senior Programs Manager

In my professional life, I have dedicated myself to helping low income people have access to the legal system. In my personal life, my passion is exercising, nutrition and taking yoga classes. The common denominator in both spheres of my life is helping people improve their lives...



Emanuel Rosado

Music Coordinator

Master Beats & Music Producer/Coordinator – FFXP
Waterbury Arts Magnet High graduate,
Profession: DJ

Over 15 years experience in the arts of music.....


Wilson Rosado II

Graphic Design Specialist

Resident of Wtn., CT,
Kennedy High graduate,
Married, 2 sons.....


Holly Dixon

​Pain Management & Holistic Care Consultant

Has an impressive background in enhancing the energy of her clients’ bodies AND minds.......


 Neida Rosado-Scott


My name is Neida Rosado-Scott. Im am 33 years old and have been happily married for (the lucky number )7 years,  I have three beautiful children and an awesome stepson. Being a mother .....

Alexis Estrada

HR Administrator

My First passion is food. In my first professional career I was a cook at many different restaurants in NYC. I’ve cooked for many different.....

Angélica Huertas

Events Coordinator

I have experience in arts administration, event management, grant writing, non-profit organization administration and fundraising....

Chris Hovan

Youth Programs Coordinator


I first knew I wanted a path in the fitness industry when I realized how much positive energy I gained when assisting....

Kristina Rosado

Administrative Support

Administrative Support-FFXP

Kaynor Technical High School Graduate 

Porter and Chester Inst. Graduate - Medical Assistant Degree


My name is Kristina Marie Rosado-Rodriguez. I'm a stay @ home mom to my three beautiful daughters Melody,Harmony, and Aria. I’m happily married to Emanuel Rosado also known as DJ Beat Ghost ...

Lamisha Perry

Administrative Assistant

My name is Lamisha Perry and I’m the Administrative Assistant at FFXP!  I’m a very Passionate Positive person who loves to help people anyway I can! After all, we’re only.....

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