Trying to lose weight? We have the answers!


August 13, 2018


We mentioned in a previous post that the secrets to weight loss aren't such a secret. At some level, there are things that we know we should do, but just look for easier ways to get there. Mindset is such a huge part of making changes, and mindset is affected by quite a few factors. Learn …




July 16, 2018


Have you ever pushed too hard in a workout, hurting yourself? Or maybe you were walking in your lawn and your ankle rolled, spraining it. Maybe you heard a *pop* in your shoulder when you were bringing your groceries into the house. The point is, injuries are a part of everyday life, and can affect our mobility. Injuries need time and rest to heal-however, what kinds of exercises can you do


“When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee”-unknown


June 11, 2018


Eating healthy can mean having to get rid of some things you love. Does coffee have to be one of them? We talked to Alba, Owner and Master Coffee Artisan of Alba's Cafecito's in Waterbury, about benefits of organic coffee. My "Why" I established Alba's Cafecitos in March of 2016. I have over 17 years … 


“Secrets to weight loss that aren’t so secret”


May 11, 2018


Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor Evelyn LaVasseur teaches us about nutrition and losing weight.


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